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Golf Swing AssessmenT,
Fitness & Therapy

Moving the body efficiently and pain-free through a golf swing is what we all strive for in our game. Knowing your limitations and having a clear guide to move through them and attain more flexibility, balance, mobility and strength is essential to ensuring that you will be playing for years to come.  

Initial Assessment $200

Clients are screened using the Titleist Professional Institutes Golf Screen Assessment which sheds light on the body’s limitations in mobility, flexibility and balance.  Your swing will be filmed from multiple angles in order to further assess limitations, looking for the big 12 swing characteristics that limit efficiency in ones golf swing.   From that assessment a personalized plan of care is created in a systematic fashion to ensure your body has the proper building blocks to create dynamic flexibility, range of motion and power in your swing. Each golfer’s body and goals are different and the assessment will help tailor a unique plan of care just for you.  The assessment can be done at your favorite range or at your home. 


Single Sessions 



6 Session Package



12  Sessions Package


A combination of  personal training and massage therapy are used to create strength in weak tissue and length in tight tissue, bringing the body into balance, creating a pain free, powerful golf swing. Techniques each week will include a structured workout plan that isolates problem areas and massage therapy that helps release restrictive tissue, increase flexibility and reduce inflammation. Each appointment will vary in regards to how much time is placed on fitness training/ massage therapy, with the end goal in mind of creating a more efficient and dynamic swing. Techniques like cupping, ISTEM, PNF stretching and kinesio taping may be utilized. 

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